Building Healthy Communities – a person at a time

About HxCo

HxCo, “the Healthcare Collective”, will create a platform for parties to come together and build healthy communities.

Healthcare today focuses on the cure. HxCo will help shift the needle from “Sickcare” to “Healthcare”. Healthcare spends are lowest when people don’t fall ill – yet most healthcare systems do very little on this aspect.

At the core of a healthy society is an aware patient supported by trusted, capable providers. Technology is the game changer – and will help build networks, capture health trends, pin-point health risks and develop customized care plans for every individual.

HxCo will bridge the divide between the patient, the provider and the technology companies and help speed up the introduction of technology.

Insurance companies and the government gain most by building healthy communities – and will play a prominent role in driving these changes. A healthy society claims less, is more productive, and enjoys a better quality of life. HxCo will work closely with the government and insurance companies to propagate the changed approach and embed a “Health” culture.

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How can HxCo help you?

HxCo will work closely with these players to help hasten the transformation in the areas of

Managing patient groups and programs :

HxCo’s health programs will help individuals take charge, set health goals and work on their health before it becomes a serious concern.

HxCo’s corporate health offering will help companies set and manage goals for individual and group health. HxCo will address the health conditions of those employees that need special attention – through pathways, care protocols and personal health plans.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Respiratory disease and Cancer are known health risks in India. HxCo will support Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance companies and provider groups to manage populations at risk.

Soft launch pad for your Health & Wellness offerings in India:

HxCo will help you test your offerings in India before you commit to a full fledged launch in this complex market.

HxCo can help you incubate your business in a variety of ways - advisory, build-operate-transfer or a Joint Venture. In HxCo, you will have a partner with deep domain expertise who will mirror your passion and commitment to the business. You will always be in complete control of your business – this will be defined in the partnership agreement

Marketing and distributing Healthcare services across the country:

If you are looking for a reliable partner to outsource non-core, patient facing activity, HxCo is your perfect choice

Often, operating through a local partner helps lower costs, maintain an arms length relationship and helps you focus on core aspects of your business. In HxCo, you will have a partner with professional systems and who will manage your business in conformance with global governance standards.